Meet one of the world’s rarest snake

The first threatened species to be featured on the blog is the Round island boa also known as the Round island keel-scaled boa (Casarea dussumerii). It is the only member in its genus and one of the rarest snakes in the world.  Endemic to Mauritius (Indian Ocean), it used to occur on the main island and some offshore islets. However past habitat loss and introduction of invasive species have restricted its population to a single 215 ha islet, Round Island, found off the northern coast.

Round Island, the only place where the boa is found (and also a pandora’s box for herpetologists)

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TBA field course: The video

Some of you may already have seen the new video on the TBA field course. We all probably learned a lot during the course, no matter which location we were. You can also have a look at it here and live the memories again.

Also with this first video on the blog, we wish to share more videos linked to the environmental world. So you are welcome to share your own personal videos or one you may have found on the web (Email address: ).