TAAG invites you to Ghana for the 2015 Students Conference

TAAGlogoTAAG has confirmed that the Ghana TBA alumni group will be the host of the next African students conference. The group won the hotly contested bid against the Nigeria and Cameroon TBA alumni groups in a process that involved voting by the coordinators of the 13 TBA alumni groups. Congratulating the winning host, Godwin Tanda of Cameroon thanked all the alumni groups who participated in the polls, noting that, “their decisions and choices were thoughtful” and that, “the Ghanaian Group was best placed to host the student conference in 2015”. Praising the Ghanaian team for their win, the acting TAAG President Margaret Awuor added, “I am looking forward to working together with you towards making the next TAAG conference most memorable!”

Workshop with Ghanaian  TBA alumni
Ghanaian TBA alumni during a workshop

Leaders of the Ghana TBA alumni group have received news of their victory with much enthusiasm, promising to deliver a successful conference. The Ghana TBA alumni group coordinator John Abraham said, “I thank TBA and TAAG for offering us the opportunity to host the conference. I will work hard to ensure that we host a successful conference.” Writing from the UN headquarters in New York, Ishmael Dodoo, a distinguished member of the Ghana alumni group, also promised his full support to the group. The group has now hit the road running with a proposed LoC already in place and preparations for the conference in top gear.

TAAG invites all TBA alumni to the conference provisionally planned for between April and June 2015. TAAG also calls upon all TBA Alumni and partners to extend their support to the Ghanaian TBA alumni in the coming months, as they make preparations for the conference.

This will be the second African student conference, the first one having been hosted by the TBA Alumni Association of Kenya in Nairobi in July 2013. Attended by 178 participants from 13 countries and over 50 institutions, the conference provided an opportunity for researchers, students and conservationists from all over Africa to network and share knowledge on biodiversity conservation. Learn more about the inaugural TAAG African students conference.

“Let’s all look forward to a very good conference in 2015!” John Abraham (Country coordinator, Ghana TBA Alumni group).


2 thoughts on “TAAG invites you to Ghana for the 2015 Students Conference”

  1. As we approach the next African students conference in conservation to be held in Ghana in less than a month. I was looking back to what happened two years ago and I feel grateful to TBA. Personally my journey in conservation has been shaped by being part of this great family. Long live TBA!!. I wish our Ghana brothers all the best as they get to the finish line…YES YOU CAN!

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