The Madagascar TBA Alumni (MTBA) train a record 90 young scientists in just six months

Inspired by a specialist training by TBA-MTBA in February for Malagasy scientists, MTBA has gone on to run three follow up workshops sharing the new knowledge gained from the workshop. A total of 90 young conservation scientists participated in the MTBA workshop whose key themes were:

Role of social science in conservation10 young scientists attended this training that was coordinated by Andriamarovololona Mijasoa (MTBA Country Coordinator) in February 2014. Continue reading “The Madagascar TBA Alumni (MTBA) train a record 90 young scientists in just six months”

Tendai Musvuugwa and Zingfa Wala- Love Sans Frontières

It all started in November 2009 during TBA field course in the dry deciduous forests in Kirindy, Madagascar. From a group of 18 students from over 10 different nationalities, Tendai from Zimbabwe and Zingfa from Nigeria, in addition to gaining

Tendai and Zingfa at the 2009 Kirindy Course
Tendai and Zingfa at the 2009 Kirindy Course

knowledge in ecological disciplines, field techniques as well as improving their research and academic goals, also found love. Like the giant and hardy Baobab trees in Kirindy, the love seed planted in Madagascar defied distance and nationality and finally blossomed in Cape Town, South Africa where the two are currently based. Tendai is a Post-doctoral fellow at the Stellenbosch University after finishing her PhD earlier this year and Zingfa is at the University of Cape Town doing his PhD. On Saturday 30th August 2014, Tendai and Zingfa got married according to the African traditions. Continue reading “Tendai Musvuugwa and Zingfa Wala- Love Sans Frontières”

TBA’s Conservation Journey: 20 years of creating conservation champions!!!

For the last 20 years the Tropical Biology Association (TBA) has been working in partnership with various institutions to build expertise in biodiversity conservation and research through training, providing information and resources and creating links.

In the 2014 Newsletter, TBA is celebrating 20 years of running courses and building the capacity of committed conservationists. TBA is proud of the alumni from various fields of biology, conservation and ecology who are serving as a growing voice for conservation around the world and are providing real solutions to the challenges facing conservation. Continue reading “TBA’s Conservation Journey: 20 years of creating conservation champions!!!”