TBA’s Conservation Journey: 20 years of creating conservation champions!!!

For the last 20 years the Tropical Biology Association (TBA) has been working in partnership with various institutions to build expertise in biodiversity conservation and research through training, providing information and resources and creating links.

In the 2014 Newsletter, TBA is celebrating 20 years of running courses and building the capacity of committed conservationists. TBA is proud of the alumni from various fields of biology, conservation and ecology who are serving as a growing voice for conservation around the world and are providing real solutions to the challenges facing conservation.

To celebrate the milestones TBA has achieved, we would like to share with you 20 particular successes from the past 20 years. Click http://issuu.com/tropicalbiologyassociation/docs/tba_newsletter__20_yrs_of_capacity_/0 to read more on TBA’s achievements and many more alumni news.

You can also download the newsletter for free at http://www.tropical-biology.org/admin/documents/pdf_files/NSL/TBA%20Newsletter%202014.pdf


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