The Madagascar TBA Alumni (MTBA) train a record 90 young scientists in just six months

Inspired by a specialist training by TBA-MTBA in February for Malagasy scientists, MTBA has gone on to run three follow up workshops sharing the new knowledge gained from the workshop. A total of 90 young conservation scientists participated in the MTBA workshop whose key themes were:

Role of social science in conservation10 young scientists attended this training that was coordinated by Andriamarovololona Mijasoa (MTBA Country Coordinator) in February 2014.

MTBA Workshop participants
MTBA follow up Workshop participants

Project designalso in February 2014, this workshop trained an impressive 35 young scientists. The workshop took place at Department of Animal Biology, University of Antananarivo. Commenting at the end of the workshop, Stephanie Razakaratrimo (who organized the workshop together with another alumnus Fanomezana Ratsoavina) said, “We had an amazing afternoon during the workshop on “the tips for designing a project” at DBA, many students who had never done a research project attended.I wished to share what I learnt during the [TBA] workshop and to get as well other ideas from other students.”

Fano and Stephanie during the follow up workshop session
Fano and Stephanie during the follow up workshop session

Designing of quality research projectthis latest workshop attracted a record 45 participants. It was hosted at the ENS University (Ecole Normale Superieure) by Rio Heriniaina (who attended the TBA training in February and later joined the 2014 TBA Kibale course). A key output of the training, according to Rio, was that the “students wished to have a session of sharing every Thursday afternoon in ENS” adding that “the workshop helped the students to think and create a draft of their project for their thesis”.

Beyond this amazing outcome (from just one training organised by the TBA), MTBA is now planning a conference on conservation in December 2014. As the group gears up for the conference, the TBA wishes them success,and appreciates their effort in disseminating skills and knowledge among colleagues, fellow students and workmates.


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