Field Notes from Uganda 1

The amazing Dr Markus Eichhorn — who is teaching on the current TBA field course in Kibale, Uganda — plans to share his observations as the course unfolds. In this blog entry, you can read his thoughts on arriving in the country.

Trees In Space

I’m in Uganda this August teaching on a Tropical Biology Association field course. The idea is to bring together an international group of graduate students, an equal mix of Africans and (mostly) Europeans, which creates a real melting pot of backgrounds. Over intermittent blog posts I’ll be recording observations as we go along *.

On arrival in Entebbe I went for a wander in amongst the homesteads by Lake Victoria. With a longstanding interest in agroforestry, I’m always intrigued to see what people are growing. Down near the shore, goats were being harried amongst cassava, sago and other familiar crops. It’s always reassuring to see the same types of cultivation all across the tropics. As I turned one corner a man pushing a bike arraigned me. “Ah!” he exclaimed, apropos of nothing, “Finally you’re here!”. I responded gnomically in kind and continued.

A little further on I spotted some more…

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One thought on “Field Notes from Uganda 1”

  1. A new world is beginning to this multicultural group, perfect platform to share the experience with peers and established professionals. This course is a perfect model for biodiversity conservation career. It is great that TBA has sustained this course over the many years.

    Best wishes to this team as they nurture their career potential in this field.

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