Iregi Mwenja is serious about Wildlife crime

Today is World Wildlife Day, as declared by the United Nations, which hopes to bring awareness to the plight of animals and plants that are in danger – mostly from poaching, but also from habitat destruction.

Many of our alumni are directly engaged in efforts to not only raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to people, but at the same time, step up the fight against wildlife crime, which has wide-ranging economic, environmental and social impacts.To celebrate this day, we feature Iregi Mwenja – 2005 Kibale TBA course participant – and his work in saving African wildlife. While at the Bornfree Foundation, Iregi was actively involved in the fight against the illegal bushmeat trade mainly through raising awareness on the issue and supporting de-snaring projects. Continue reading “Iregi Mwenja is serious about Wildlife crime”

Voices of TBA

Over the last two decades, the Tropical Biology Association (TBA) has trained over 1800 conservation practitioners and biologists through its international field courses and specialists short-courses in Africa. Many of these trainees started from humble beginnings but now hold position of influence in government, NGOs, and academic and research institutions, across the world. Continue reading “Voices of TBA”

TBA field course: The video

Some of you may already have seen the new video on the TBA field course. We all probably learned a lot during the course, no matter which location we were. You can also have a look at it here and live the memories again.

Also with this first video on the blog, we wish to share more videos linked to the environmental world. So you are welcome to share your own personal videos or one you may have found on the web (Email address: ).