The value of a TBA course

Cynthia Mapendere, TBA alumna (Kirindy, 2014) shares on the value of participating in a TBA course.

 2014 was a very special year for me as this was when I officially became part of the TBA family. I had just graduated from the National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe) the previous year with a degree  in Forest Resources and Wildlife Management. Being accepted as a course participant was exciting news to me as it presented a good opportunity to build the right foundation for my career.  I could not wait to be in a community where my enthusiasm was shared between experts who had the knowledge and experience to help me flourish in this field.

Working on my research project

14 November 2014 marked the beginning of the course. It was very intriguing as I got to mingle with other young scientists from all over the world. The program provided a unique forum through which I was able to share experiences and build international links with experts in conservation and other like-minded biologists. The month long course was delivered through a series of lectures, practical analysis and independent research projects.  It ignited a work ethic which has helped me come up with informed decisions based on detailed biological data, obtained using the right scientific methods. The great tutors and diverse learning environment stimulated my desire to learn and advance the knowledge and skills that are essential for any conservation biologist. I feel privileged as this opportunity gave me a firm grounding to tackle more challenging questions using the right concepts and techniques.

Tree walk with other participants

In summary, my participation in the TBA field course in Kirindy, Madagascar has elevated my interest in ecology and conservation. Currently, I work as an operations manager at Spencer’s Creek Crocodile Ranch in Zimbabwe. To all young biologists who want to be groomed and nurtured to be real scientists, a TBA course is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss! Why don’t you apply and steer your career towards the right direction.

Group photo

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